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Unfortunately for all of us Defenestration only put out two discs in it's time. The first was the self titled defenestration EP which was recorded on a shoestring budget footed by Tyson's mother. The other was the full fledged LP, Dali Does Windows, recorded in Los Angeles with the professional engineering of Randy Burns and the full backing of Relativity Records. Hardly enough, one would think, to be able to build such a legend around but be that as it may it is all that we have to remember them by - at least officially.

Rumors abound that there are quite a few of their shows that were taped live in concert; some of which it is said are of very good quality. One or more of the members of the group and even some lucky fans may be in possession of these recordings but so far only rumors are known to exist. Also old hands will remember their repitoire was quite extensive and guestimates have it that there may be as many as 30 unrecorded original songs. Even so it would be unlikely that any "new" material would ever be released given the temperment of the band and the question of just who has the distribution rights (now thought to be in the hands of Sony Music Corp). It can only be hoped that something might occur to undo this stalemate and provide the fans with the rest of Defenestration's musical heritage.

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