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Your turn. If you have any questions, comments or even a favorite story or memory about the band you would like to send in, I will gladly place it here. Photo submissions of the group will also be greatly appreciated. Proper credit will be given and all rights reserved. Let's let them know that we want them to stay together this time, at least until they get it all burned to CD.


To kick things off I have a small bit of insight regarding the debacle that transpired at the Blue Fish Festival. After waiting 17 years and wading through five or six local bands up until 1:30 AM, the show is canceled at the very last second due to a few idiots in the audience (fans of the band playing at the time). In a moment of huge let down it is remarkable on how all reacted, both band and fans alike. Did the fans riot or cause any disturbance? No. Maybe it was shock or we've all mellowed with age but there were no untoward outbursts from a crowd who had just about every right to blow up.

It is also interesting to note how the band reacted. While I didn't get to speak with Chris, I did see Tyson and Todd. Tyson was still smiling and said, "Well I guess that's about par for the course." He went on to visit for some time with the many disappointed fans. Todd, passing by on his way to the front of the theatre, apologized for the mess as if it were his fault and promised get a show put on somehow. Both of them had to be as let down as anyone and probably more so but they reacted in a way that did us proud. And the fans reaction did them proud. Kudos to us all.


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